Wake Up Call

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Since starting school these past weeks, I have been getting up earlier than I had all summer long. 
I love getting up early for the following reasons:
1. I feel like the day is longer and I can get so much more done. 
2. I can see the sunrise. 
3. The house is quiet. 
4. The air is fresher.
5. The dew is so pretty. 
6. I have time to eat breakfast and drink my tea. 

Yesterday morning I came downstairs and saw the sunlight pouring in the east side of the house. 
I immediately ran back upstairs and grabbed my camera. 
Then I ran back downstairs.
Then I ran outside. 
I do a lot of running in the morning.......
The sun was just at it's best part of waking up. 
Happy me. 
As I watched this beautiful sunrise unfold, I thought about how wonderful it was that it happens every morning. 
Every morning God lets the sun rise with the same stunning beauty that it has showed every day since the world began. 
I wish I could watch every sunrise.
And sunset. 
We are so blessed.
After I finished watching the sun come past the horizon and onto it's daily course, I went back inside to my next favorite thing about morning. 

I hope you are having a wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, spectacular day. 

Yours truly, 


  1. Oh my, these photos made me melt!
    Beautiful!! <3<3
    And I love your mug!

  2. GAH! gorgeous bokeh, lighting and pictures! :) I agree with all your reasons for waking up early! I don't always get up that early though...


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