Hippy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today is my darling little brother's birthday. 
(Don't tell him that I called him darling)
He is my favorite little brother in the WHOLE WIDE world. 
He is also my only little brother. 

I don't know what I would do without this kid. 
He makes me laugh.
He fixes my spelling mistakes. 
He bonks me on the head. 
He rides bikes and runs with me.
He lifts things that his weak older sisters can't lift. 
He makes fun of me.
I call him Bud, he calles me Kenz. 
I call him Stinker, he calls me Slinker.
I call him Brotha' shumthr' muthr', he calles me Macandcheeseandroonandcaloriseo (don't ask).
I call him Little Child, he calls me.......he calls me......I can't think of what else he calls me. 
He has out-grown me (he is 6'4).
Out-run me (he is so much faster).
Out-smarted me (smart child that he is). 
Out-eaten me (and I thought I ate a lot)
And out-ted a lot of other things......but I can't think of any more. 
And I won't tell you the things I can do better than him....after all it is his birthday, 

He loves his sisters (and brother)
And we love him. 
And he has always put up with us wonderfully. 

He is really good at any instrument he picks up. 
 He is an expert and The Smolder. 

 He can eat up a storm. 

He can fix cars like A Man.
He enjoys trying to figure out passwords (shhhh....don't tell the government).

He is always helping me with my photography. 
All in all:
He is cute, crazy, cool, smart, silly, sweet, tall, funny, deep, and a good little brother. 

He was born in Europe (no kidding).
He caught a fish today. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bud-shmud-mud. I love you loads and loads, you are a fine young man (even if you do out-eat me)
The end. 
Yours truly,
Mackenzie Hope

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  1. Aw. Brothers are great...and annoying. But still great. :-) Happy Birthday to him!


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