Snow, A Friend, and My Camera

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few days ago I did a photo-shoot with my friend.
It was snowing.
My lens kept getting snow on it.
The wind was blowing.
The wind was cold.
We were cold.
I did not have gloves on.
Nope, no gloves.
I was pretty sure I was going to get frost-bite on the little tips of my fingers.

But despite all of these misfortunes, we did manage to stay alive. I am happy to report that my little tips of my fingers are just fine. I am also happy to say that my camera is fine. 




Well at the end of of about 15 minutes of taking pictures we were both getting very tired of the cold. Okay, so maybe it was not that cold, but it was cold enough. The only thing we could think of at this point was, you guessed it: (okay so maybe you didn't) Hot Coco. Yum.....
And we lived happily ever after.    

The End. 

-Mackenzie Hope 

P.S Yes this is the same Hot Coco that was in the last post, I liked it. So there.


  1. Oh dear -- I thought I had followed your blog (yes, I did -- my little icon is at the bottom of the page...hmmm....) but my google reader didn't pick it up I guess.
    Anyway, I just came back to see if I was missing something, and I was!!
    LOVE this post -- the pictures are gorgeous! My favorites are #3 and #4. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I like #2 and #3 personally.
      I hope you figure out how to get your account working the right way!


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